Man and Nature; Oil on Canvas

Durbar. Oil on Canvas; 40x45

Good morning Harare. Ink & Pen - 21 x 14

Good morning Harare 2. Ink & Pen 21 x 14

Reminiscing. Oil on canvas - 46 x 56

By the riverside; water colour. 30 x 23

Preparations; Water colour. 30 x 23

Napping in the Market Square; Acrylic - 3.8 x 2.5ft

About Us

Pen on Board; Impi

DBG Art Gallery was conceived in Africa in 1995 and began trading in the UK in 2005. The gallery has a large and most authoritative collection of original paintings from around Africa. 

We exhibit African Arts that challenge, educate and inspire the mind of the viewer. The primary goal of the gallery is to promote Contemporary African Art in Britain.

We produce art that entertain, amaze and in most cases deposit an embodiment of emotional relief in the minds of many.

Our entire collections are presented partly in bold impressionist approach while the rest are in the rhythmic flow of traditional African motif. Our artworks range from Water Colour, Oil/Acrylic on Canvas, Tie & Die (batik), Surrealism, Murals, Pencil on Paper, Charcoal and Ink Wash. If your type of art does not feature here, you can commison an art piece of your own - one masterpiece only.

Imagine - The face; Oil on canvas - 66 x 62 (large)

The Kiss; Oil on Canvas - 30 x 53

Above limitations; Oil on canvas - 26 x 24

Mission Statement

Hope; Oil on canvas - 66 x 62

  • Awakening the generation of African Arts and Cultural greatness in the UK
  • Creating awareness on the principles and values enshrined in Africa
  • Keeping Black Art in the foreground of public attention
  • Creating a unique environment where people who are art inclined can meet to share ideas and have the advantage to appreciate the beauty in African Art
  • Creating an enabling environment for intellectual awareness and orientation of the aesthetic and contemplative function of the Black Art
  • Creating an outlet for various number of unsung talented Afro-carribean artists





DB Art Gallery

T: 02078594712

M: 07555149278






The Mobile Phone; Oil on canvas - 26 x 24


Our services include:


  • Exhibitions
  • Private viewing
  • Slide Presentations
  • Office furnishing
  • Interior Decoration
  • Partnerships

Beauty conference, acrylic; 1.5 x 2.2ft

Durbar Blue, Oil: 11 x 14.5ft

Bini Chief, Oil; 1.8 x 2.9ft

Company, Oil on canvas; 3.5 x 2.5ft

Milk Maiden; Oil on canvas - 1.10 x 3.5ft

Pencil/Charcoal on Board

Impi (Zulu warrior) 20 x 30 inches

The Young; 20x30

The Big 5; 20x30

Simba; 20x30

Developing a new audience

Red cap chief; Oil on canvas, 36x42

We are building and developing Black African Art in Britain through partnerships, co-ordinating art activities and creating new and better artistic opportunities for people in the following ways: 

·       Exhibiting of African Art 

·       Organising private viewings 

·       Partnership with local authorities and companies during Black   

         History Month

·       Providing public forum for the critical examination and         

         appreciation of ideas and cultural practices

·       Organising Award Night among professional Black artists

·       Supporting Black Art students by projecting their works at the 


·       Organising seminars, looking at issues such as relations between   

         African Contemporary Art and its audience

·       Sponsoring Art students in UK

·       Projecting the activities and status of women artists


Oils on Canvas

The CEO - 66 x 62 (large work)

Acrobatic Feat 26 x 24

Water colors

Against the odds; 23x30

Selling point; 23x30

The Matron's Dance; 23x30

Sculptures & Carvings

Acrylic on Canvas - 17x30

Oil on canvas

Dance for Me; 26x27

This Civilization! 20x28

My Ladies; 26x27

Milk Maidens; 18x13

Copper Works 


Banana Batik 




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